Rainbow Express

Our 18 ft water slide will surely bring excitement to the children’s summer party. It features an overhead netting, preventing jumping from top to protect kids on the way down securely. Riders climb up from right side and slide down to left side of the slide. The end of the slide is an inflatable pool to provide extra splash of fun and extra cushion for safety. The 18 ft water slide can also be used with our slip and slide to provide extra splashing fun.Type your paragraph here.

The Castle

The Castle is the ultimate play area. It is a combination bounce/slide inflatable with a basketball goal and a climbing wall.


The Monkey

The Monkey Slide is twice the fun with two lanes! This impressive 20ft inflatable slide rental will wow all the riders and keep them coming back for more.

Helix Triple/Dual Slide

Helix slide is an ultimate combination of wall climbing, straight and helix slide with a detachable pool and surf track that creates endless fun. Front load design is easily to monitoring of riders and above overhead net to prevent jumping from the top. It is spark of light in any playground or event to make eyes catching addition and bring excitement to every child in summer party. Riders climb from right side and slide down straight or helix in the pool at the end to provide for an extra splash of fun. Run and surf into archways slide toward the end exit.